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School Dates

School dates can also be viewed on the Aberdeenshire website

School Dates

August 2015– July 2016

                                                                  AUTUMN TERM

Tuesday 18th August – Friday 9th October

Monday 17th August – In-Service Day

                                                                 WINTER TERM

Monday 26th October – Tuesday 22nd  December

Monday 16th November – In-Service Day

Tuesday 17th November – In-Service Day

                                                            SPRING TERM

Wednesday 6th January – Friday 1st April

Thursday 11th February –Holiday

Friday 12 th February –Holiday

Monday 15th February – Holiday

Tuesday 16th February – In-Service

Wednesday 17th February –In-Service

Good Friday 25th March- Holiday

                                                            SUMMER TERM

Monday 18th April – Friday 1st July

Monday 2nd May –Holiday