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About Our School

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At Banchory-Devenick School we aim to provide a curriculum which is challenging and enjoyable and allows each child the opportunity to achieve their best.

We set high expectations for attainment and encourage our pupils to work hard. We are concerned with the development of the whole child and seek to support pupils in their intellectual progress as well as in their emotional, social and moral development.

A happy child with a positive self-esteem and able to interact with others is much more likely to become a successful learner.

Banchory-Devenick School currently has 34 pupils in three composite classes, P1/2, P2/3/4 and P5/6/7. Our school handbook will provide you with information regarding the aims, policies and organisation of our school.

It answers questions regarding the education and wellbeing of the children in our care. However, we are a school which prides itself on its personal contact with parents and the community. If you require further information, we will be pleased to help you and arrange for you to visit the school.